Serving up Success at Stradigi AI: 4 Expert Tips from Carlos Ferreira and Basel Abdo

For this month’s profile, we heard from two Stradigi AI team members, Carlos Ferreira and Basel Abdo. Here, they tell their unique stories – and reflect on what attracted them to the world of AI, and highlight why you should consider it, too. 

Meet Basel Abdo, Senior Back-End Developer

“I’m from Latakia, Syria, and I moved to Montreal to pursue my Masters in Software Engineering a few years ago. In between my undergraduate and graduate degrees, I worked as a teaching assistant for university students in Latakia. Teaching is one of my passions.

Prior to coming to Stradigi AI, most of my experience and expertise was as a .Net Developer, but I was eager to dive into Back-End Development to gain exposure to new technologies in a new domain. Stradigi AI was the perfect place to do that, in a field that’s new and very exciting.

Outside of the office, my passion is cooking. When you work with sophisticated technology all day, sometimes getting back to the basics can be relaxing. I even have my own cheese cave at home for cheesemaking! Aside from cheese, my standout dish is my umami burger with beef aged for 36+ days.

Meet Carlos Ferreira, Ex-Director of Data Science

“I’m originally from São Paulo, Brazil. Before entering the corporate business world, I had my sights set on professional soccer. When I realized that I would take the professional path instead, it started with mathematics. My first degree was in Applied Mathematics, prior to getting my MBA. I also studied Organizational Change Management at NYU, and Machine Learning and Data Science at McGill University. Suffice to say, I’ve logged many hours in lecture halls.

I worked in the financial industry for 15 years before taking the leap to a new chapter in Montreal. At Stradigi AI, I was hired as a Senior Product Owner, before being promoted to Director of Data Science. I’m responsible for building and leading our team of data scientists and AI developers, plus spearheading all strategic initiatives for data scientists and AI development aligned with our organization’s strategy and goals. Creating synergies and solid collaboration with my team and other areas of the business is also a core focus of mine.”


Here, Basel and Carlos reveal their secrets to success at Stradigi AI – and the tech world in general. Take a peek, and leverage these 4 unique insider insights for your own career.

1. Be open to change and don’t be afraid to take risks.

“People at Stradigi AI are believers. We are all working together with the same goal and vision in mind: to bring our revolutionary product, Kepler, to businesses everywhere. This requires a lot of innovation, a robust mindset, and constantly thinking outside of the box.” – Carlos

“You must not be scared to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new, regardless if you fail or succeed.” – Basel 

2. Understand the power of positive communication.

“When I first joined Stradigi AI, my first impression was the friendliness and openness of everyone. There is never any competition here: everyone is willing to help each other, collaboration effectively, and ultimately work hard to make sure we accomplish our goals.” – Carlos 

“Around the office, you can always hear people discussing complex concepts. In this line of business, open communication is necessary to keep up with the speed of change. Staying aligned, well-informed, and ultimately aware of what everyone’s working on can go a long way.” – Basel 

3. Be goal-oriented in the face of intellectually challenging work.

“When working with complex AI, don’t be wary of the reality that you will be intellectually challenged, day after day. AI is a very new category – so it’s important to be happy and comfortable in grey areas.”  – Carlos 

“When I leave my house every morning, I always think about what I want to achieve today. Having daily goals is a great way to stay motivated and focused.” – Basel 

4. Get excited about changing the world.

“Every day I get the opportunity to contribute to something new. There’s a shared respect throughout everyone in the organization. Since day one, there has always been this notion of non-hierarchical work environment, and you can really feel that throughout the organization.” Carlos

“In many careers, there’s a risk of getting bored when routine sets in. But when you wake up every day with an exciting new challenge to tackle head-on, passion is continually fuelled. And if that concept excites you, AI could be the perfect field for you.” – Basel

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