Stradigi AI expands its partner ecosystem with KPMG Canada: What this means for AI-ready organizations

Success in the Stradigi AI partner ecosystem is heavily influenced by the ability to network and create an alliance with strong organizations. The guiding principle when undergoing a new partnership is to ensure the prime objectives are mutually beneficial. In our most recent partnership with KPMG Canada, one of the world’s largest professional services network, we uncover the competitive advantage and value it brings to existing and future clients.

Our journey to joining forces

Earlier in 2019, Stradigi AI and KPMG Canada began collaborating on a project for the Canada School of Public Service (CSPS). The CSPS requested an interactive hosted cloud-based Regulatory Evaluation Platform (REP) to enable approximately 200 users in federal departments to explore and analyze large amounts of structured and unstructured regulatory data. This project demonstrates how our platform, Kepler, can modernize and automate the process of updates by simplifying regulations and coordinating them more efficiently. The value of the CSPS win is a prime example of what this partnership can do, and what is to come. While KPMG is bringing their experience and focus on business objectives for CSPS, we, on the other hand, must make sure all challenges are being met from a technical standpoint to ensure successful deployment.

Evolving partner frontiers to foster end-to-end growth for clients and customers

For those at the helm of innovation, partnerships of this nature won’t come as a surprise: industries are adopting AI at an increasing rate, in fact, research shows that 47% of organizations across North America have implemented at least one function in the past year. However, one of the top barriers to adoption is the lack of strategic approach. That’s where this type of collaboration can provide significant advantage to KPMG clients, as they can leverage our expertise in deep learning and machine learning to infuse possible AI solutions. Uncover three ways this partnership can help you and your business today.

1. Strategy planning and formulation

AI requires more than data mastery. According to a study from McKinsey, only 8% of firms engage in core practices that support widespread adoption. To better fit the needs of organizations, this partnership will help clients build more comprehensive, actionable AI implementation strategies alongside cross-functional teams. More specifically, we will advise on key AI roadblocks that occur when businesses are beginning their AI journey and best data-governance practices. Collectively, we will illustrate the client’s strategies, challenges, opportunities and analytic capabilities to suggest high-impact, ROI-driving projects in the short and long-term.

2. Demystify Artificial Intelligence together

Together, we will help build a better understanding of AI’s capabilities by identifying and prioritizing use cases with a measurable ROI. While consulting with clients, KPMG will assist in educating the power of AI, through collaborative workshops. Once use cases are developed, we will come in to provide solutions to clients. If your organization is in the midst of deploying AI, KPMG will enable you to fill in the gaps with their AI adoption expertise. Our primary goal is to find high-impact projects right away, by which partner clients can see clear actionable results.

3. New solutions to drive business growth

To maximize business success across industries, our primary goal will be to empower organizations to develop customized solutions, whether they have an internal AI team or looking to grow and augment their capabilities within this space. By implementing AI to drive business growth, organizations can make decisions that are heavily data-driven. Rather than sifting through and sorting huge amounts of data, algorithms can be applied to consolidate all relevant information, allowing individuals to focus their time and effort in other areas of the business.
By joining forces with a distinguished leader in consulting, such as KPMG, we will be able to leverage both of our areas of expertise to help clients reach their full competitive advantage; providing a quicker turnaround for their services, and offer clear, concise and accurate conclusions to build them up for success and revolutionize the industry.

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