Last week, our team spent over 36,000 combined minutes at NeurIPS. From showcasing our demo, attending conferences, meeting candidates and speaking to our fellow members of the AI community, we were able to accomplish and learn a great deal in 600 hours. Overall, we must have spoken to over 3000 people, from dozens of countries, and in hundreds of different organizations.

In the wake of the NeurIPS aftermath, we feel energized by our experience. It was an incredible opportunity to see what the future holds for AI and how democratic, inclusive and diverse the AI community is. AI for Good and Ethical AI were prominently featured across the exhibition floor, and in the many conferences taking place – including an entire day on “AI for Social Good”.

Now that the dust has settled, here’s a recap of the Stradigi AI team’s NeurIPS experience, by the numbers, of course….

8,500: Number of NeurIPS attendees
1,200: Number of Stradigi AI tote bags given out
1043: Overall number of times the ASL Alphabet Game was played (thanks to several repeat offenders!)
$10,000: Dollars donation going to the DALC, seeing we hit our target of 1000 rounds played
1 in 8: The estimated number of NeurIPS attendees who played the game
20,860: Number of letters signed throughout the entire conference
1200: Highest score achieved on-site by “Dan_1” (the highest score we ever measured was 1243, by Elitsa Asenova, product owner on this project)

99.03%: Accuracy percentage of our demo in detecting letters
1.5: Months it took from idea to delivery of the ASL game
3: Median number of times every Stradigist played the game to train the algorithm
3,570: Approximate time in minutes that Brittney, our events manager, spent at our booth
12,560: The approximate time in minutes that our research team spent attending conferences, poster discussions and sharing ideas at our booth.
10: Number of times we setup our demo in our office lobby to gather more diverse data
2: Number of Google Homes given out, one to an attendee from Wisconsin, the other coming from Botswana (where incidentally, he told us, you can’t buy a Google Home)

Winners of the Stradigi AI Raffle


The ASL Alphabet Game featured in our booth goes beyond simply a demo, and represents an important part of our contribution to AI for Good. Throughout the countless conversations, connections, and sharing of deep insights, the conference was highly rewarding for all of us.

We look forward to seeing you in Vancouver 2019!


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