Our Leaders on Fostering Diversity

No matter the week, day or month, diversity, equality, and inclusion are top of mind at Stradigi AI. Not only do these principles impact the way we interact with one another on a daily basis — they govern the way in which we build our teams, our platform, and partnerships.

With International Women’s Day happening on Friday, March 8th, it’s the perfect opportunity to put our values of diversity on the forefront. In the tech industry, gender diversity continues to be a challenge. Consider these stats:

  • In Canada, only 5% of C-level position holders are women
  • More than half of tech companies have no women in executive-level positions

While there is no concrete data on the overall makeup of gender diversity within broader companies, we know that there is a clear relationship between leadership diversity and team makeup: where there is more representation in the boardroom, there is stronger diversity within the team. We also know that diverse teams simply make better business sense.

In light of March 8th being just around the corner, we asked a handful of our fearless leaders what diversity means from their perspective.


“Without inclusion, diversity is meaningless.”

Unsurprisingly, I have a very strong stance when it comes to diversity. As a C-level executive, a scientist, and an immigrant, there are many scenarios wherein I am technically a “minority.” And yet, what I want to be known for is my ability as a scientist. Herein lies my stance: without inclusion, diversity is meaningless.

I attend a lot of conferences wherein issues of Women in Tech are talked about. When I am there, I always stress the importance of giving people a voice, rather than simply a seat at the table. Leaders need to make everyone feel heard, regardless of their culture, background, or title. Without a clear effort to foster healthy inclusion, you are putting your company and your science at risk of being narrow-minded, and worse, bias.


“Being different is our strength.”

To me, diversity is about having different mindsets and different points of view in the same room. And it’s about making sure everyone is heard, everyone feels comfortable, and most importantly, included. No matter the educational, cultural, or professional background of a person, they should feel welcomed and respected. This isn’t common enough right now and society needs to do a much better job at making it happen. But at Stradigi AI, being different is our point of pride, and it’s also our strength.


“Empowering individuals to be themselves is key.”

To me, diversity in the workplace is all about creating a team of empowered, supported individuals whose backgrounds — personally, individually, and professionally — are reflective of the vastness of the world around us. Whether you’re in a creative or technical position, bringing various perspectives to the table will help you win.


“Diversity is knowing that great ideas come from everywhere.”

Diversity is to be inclusive for every walk of life, no matter where an individual comes from. Fostering inclusion starts with working in synergy toward the same goal. When I’m building a team, I always look for accomplishments before anything else. In the day-to-day work life, it’s all about fostering an environment of collaboration and support to give everyone a seat at the table: from interns to executives. Great ideas come from everywhere, especially if you have a unique perspective from everyone else. Diversification is vital to success and everyone’s cultural identity and background plays a part.


“Diversity is welcoming more people to the table.”

In my view, diversity is about welcoming people from different backgrounds, fields of expertise, and experience, to the table. Doing so makes our conversations so much richer. At our company, for example, you can speak with people who have been in the company for a long time, or those who have totally different professional and cultural backgrounds. Understanding common denominators and key learnings from every background makes us successful.


“Diversity is fair and equal representation.”

Speaking from a technical perspective, diversity is when there is fair representation within a group of individuals. But the true meaning and value behind the word “diversity” is more than appearances, gender, religion, or socioeconomic status. Diversity is rooted in our ideas and our beliefs: by being open to diversity, we create an environment where all individuals have equal opportunity, and feel comfortable expressing themselves and putting for their ideas, free of discrimination.

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