SXSW Panel with Montreal International: People are at the Heart of AI Success in the City

Yesterday, our Head of Partnerships, Phil Mitsopoulos, represented Stradigi AI at a panel hosted by Montreal International at SXSW. The session unpacked the benefits of scaling a business in a world-class AI hub, with discussions catered toward talent and investors considering a home base in our home city.

We were alongside a handful of fellow Montrealers from the investment, human resources and startup incubator scene, including folks from District 3 Innovation and Desjardins Labs, who each brought their unique perspective to what makes Montreal a desirable place.

There was one consistent theme through the hour-long discussion on the Montreal market: it’s the people that make our AI ecosystem, and technologies, so advantageous.

We’ve been championing human-centric Artificial Intelligence since day 1, and we recently spoke to this concept in our blog post on diversity and inclusion. Take a look at the standout points from yesterday’s chat that prove people are at the heart of AI’s – and our city’s – success so far.

1 – Talented people are the new gold

At Stradigi AI, we know that our people are our greatest assets. They’re the brains behind our platform, and the culture of inclusiveness and diversity is precisely what makes our solutions so successful. This sentiment was emphasized again and again from the panelists, who all concurred that Montreal’s strong talent pool is rooted in its values of diversity, lending itself to making our AI businesses successful.n>

This idea not only stems from the talent that is attracted to our well-known university systems; its also rooted in the multicultural nature of our city. Global talent can visit Montreal to find a city that is rich in culture, accessible, and very affordable to live.
Programs like District 3 Innovations, and a number of incubators in the city, are just scratching the surface when it comes to our unique framework. Partnerships of world-class researchers is thanks to the top-notch university system, and the diversity of people that these institutions bring to the city fosters an AI research environment that has vast global perspectives.

3 – Collaboration is in our DNA

There wasn’t naivety around the fact that competition is real – when it comes to finding the perfect candidate for a position, or winning an RFP over competitors. But panelists spoke of the openness of Montrealers for speaking about their experiences scaling their businesses, and, even more so, introducing them to key leaders in the ecosystem. Connecting, empathizing and collaborating to encourage success for the entire ecosystem is what will continue to make our city thrive.

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