Close the Gap Between Data and Action

Get real business value, today, with Kepler™ the easy-to-use, AI business platform.

AI in more hands that can use it.

The Kepler SaaS AI Platform

Whether you are looking to automate processes, or improve the effectiveness of your business decisions, the Kepler platform gives you the tools to analyze your data and uncover insights that can improve your business processes.

What’s more, unlike the majority of AI solutions on the market, Kepler doesn’t require any coding. Anyone in your organization can use it.

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Simplify the path to AI

Leverage automated workflows that remove the need for coding and machine learning experience.

Use more of your data

Analyze multiple types of data—even text and image data—with the Kepler platform.

Realize value in record time

Onboard quickly and generate data-driven insights unique to your organization and your data.

Leverage the latest technology

Receive continuous optimization, updates, and additional workflows built by our world-class machine learning team via our SaaS-based model.

Speak with one of our professionals to see how you can improve your business with the Kepler AI platform.

“Our global search for partners that can help us to accelerate and maximize the delivery of predictive models using AI and ML led us straight to Stradigi and Kepler. The ease of use, the 60% acceleration of the time-to-market of our predictive models, combined with the technical expertise and efficiency of Stradigi’s customer success team were the main reasons for that choice.”

Edu Neves, Co-Founder and CEO, ReclameAQUI


Who benefits from the Kepler platform?

Business leaders

Add powerful, data-driven insights and prediction capabilities to your business.

Scale AI and accelerate time-to-value with a platform that grows with your business using the team and skills already present within your organization.

Business users

Boost your productivity.

Solve complex business problems thanks to advanced AI and machine learning regardless of your technical know-how.

AI / Analytics teams

Bring your AI projects to production faster so you can spend more time on the critical strategic aspects of your work.

Leverage state-of-the-art, end-to-end automation, an extensive library of AI algorithms, and the ability to quickly deploy machine learning models.

Kepler: The SaaS AI Business Platform

Give your teams the tools to solve their most critical business challenges.

The Kepler platform lets you get up and running quickly to extract key insights from your data to improve customer experience, grow revenue, and gain efficiencies regardless of your industry: CPG, Ecommerce, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Automotive, Manufacturing, Marketing, Retail, and Transportation & Logistics.

Our customers most commonly use the Kepler AI platform to improve:

Quick Success Guide to AI

Applying AI to your business can be a challenge, but we’re here to help! In our 10-page guide, you’ll discover how to asses your AI readiness and where to start.

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