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Solve high-impact use cases across multiple industries and lines of business with the Kepler™ platform.

No ML experience required.

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Leverage state-of-the-art machine learning,
no matter your level of expertise.

The Kepler platform combines advanced machine learning (ML) — including Deep Learning — with intuitive design, all within a self-serve framework built to help you scale AI. The Kepler platform provides end-to-end automation of complex data science processes with its new Automated Data Science Workflows. This allows businesses to get AI projects to market quickly and securely, solving the most pressing use cases in the market today.

End-to-end Automation

Benefit from our advanced, automated workflows so that all you need to leverage the power of ML is data and a business challenge.

Extensive Workflow Library

From forecasting demand to predictive maintenance to customer segmentation, Kepler generates impactful results for a range of use cases.

More Data Types

Leverage your tabular, text and image data to generate solutions and address even more business problems.

Quick & Secure Deployment

Yield measurable returns from your ML investment by rapidly deploying Kepler models to your key environments via RESTful APIs.

“Our global search for partners that can help us to accelerate and maximize the delivery of predictive models using AI and ML led us straight to Stradigi and Kepler. The ease of use, the 60% acceleration of the time-to-market of our predictive models, combined with the technical expertise and efficiency of Stradigi's customer success team were the main reasons for that choice.”

Edu Neves, Co-Founder and CEO, ReclameAQUI


Who Benefits from the Kepler platform?

Business Leader

Scale AI and accelerate time-to-value with a platform that grows with your business using the team and skills already present within your organization.

Business User

Augment your productivity and address complex business problems with advanced AI and machine learning capabilities without the need for technical ML experience.

Data Scientist & IT

Leverage state-of-the-art, end-to-end automation, an extensive library of AI algorithms, and the ability to quickly deploy machine learning models.

Solve Use Cases Across Your Organization.

The Kepler platform allows users to extract key insights from their data to improve customer experience, grow revenue, and gain efficiencies across multiple industries including CPG, Ecommerce, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Gaming, Manufacturing, Marketing, Retail, and Transportation & Logistics.

Our customers most commonly use the Kepler platform for:
 • Anomaly Detection
 • Customer Segmentation
 • Customer Churn
 • Demand Forecasting
 • Predictive Maintenance
 • Pricing Optimization
 • User Experience & Session Optimization
 • Workforce Planning
 • ..and much more!

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