About This Event

Hilton Toronto

145 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2L2

8:00 am - 6:00 pm

September 25, 2018 - September 27, 2018

The National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) is hosting the 2018 World Angel Investment Summit. 

NACO helps professionalize and grow Angel investment in Canada through education, connections, events, and research ensuring Canadian companies have access to critical early-stage funding. They support Angels, incubators, and accelerators as they help entrepreneurs turn good ideas into great businesses. As the only national industry association for Angel investors in Canada, NACO represents over 40 networks comprised of over 3000 Angel investors across Canada.

The Disruptive Impact of Technology on our Future & Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The disruptive power of technology has become an accepted fact of the modern world. However, understanding how these changes will affect specific sectors and how market leaders are adapting can be the difference between success and failure for both startups and investors. This panel will explore market trends with a view to helping investors cut through the noise and focus on the greatest opportunities.


Adoption of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology is permeating every aspect of technology and business. However, profits remain elusive for many investors in this new industry. This panel will explore the question of how companies can apply this rapidly advancing technology to generate revenues and returns for investors.

Chief Scientific Officer

Carolina Bessega

Carolina Bessega, PhD

Carolina is currently the Chief Scientific Officer at Stradigi AI, a leading AI powered solutions provider, where she applies Artificial Intelligence including Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to deliver large-scale projects in partnership with clients. With her PhD in Fundamental Physics, her entrepreneurial mindset, her experience as a professor in Computational Physics, and 20+ years of knowledge in research, development and broad programming, Carolina makes sure she provides the proper guidance and direction to her talented team of researchers at Stradigi AI. However that’s not all, wanting to further advance AI, she works alongside renowned advisors and business pioneers in the industry to continuously create, innovate, and develop new technologies that solve real life problems!