Extract key insights from your image data.

Uncover key insights from your visual data and augment your analysis capabilities with the powerful capabilities of Kepler.

Gain tangible value from your images.
No ML experience required.

Visual content is a growing category of data processed by AI-powered Image and Video Understanding, often in JPG and PNG formats. Kepler’s powerful Automated Data Science Workflows fulfill the most common use cases for image data with these objectives in mind: generating revenue, cutting costs and gaining insights. Examples of use cases include product categorization for retail businesses and quality assurance of finished goods for manufacturing.

Optimize your image data with the following Automated Data Science Workflows:


Break down and label the different components of an image, pixel by pixel. Tap into your visual data for semantic segmentation, Medical Image Diagnosing to identify malignant tumors, and satellite image analysis.


Classify key information and predict their categories to drive efficiency. Classification is optimal for automating back-office paperwork, conducting sentiment analysis of emails and reviews, and reducing turnover.

Automated Data Science Workflows with Kepler

Be at the forefront of AI-driven enterprises. Benefit from AI with a platform that requires zero Machine Learning experience and offers state-of-the-art, easy-to-use automated workflows for a seamless user experience.

Learn, onboard and implement faster than the competition with a partner that will shepherd you on your innovation journey, from start to scale.

Learn more about the Kepler AI business platform with our demo video.

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