AI Solutions for Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics

Significantly increase the success of your AI investments with Machine Learning built to automate use cases that drive real, tangible value.

Machine Learning solutions built to drive revenue across the entire business stack.

As a leader who understands the complexity of smart predictions, end-to-end supply chain systems and multi-step processes, you know that AI has the power to make an impact across the entire business stack. From decreasing operating costs to delivering top-notch products to your customers faster than your competitors and optimizing your workflow, innovative companies in your space are already seeing clear results from implementing machine learning and deep learning solutions. Partner with Stradigi AI to turn valuable opportunities into a software investment that drives real revenue.

Use Cases for AI in Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics

Predictive Maintenance

Strategic Workforce Planning

Demand Forecasting

Stock & Bundle Optimization

Why Stradigi AI is the AI partner for your enterprise.


Proven Expertise

Machine Learning automated pipelines that transform state-of-the-art algorithms into revenue.


Customized Competitiveness

AI that’s customized to fit your unique needs, built to perform higher than off-the-shelf solutions.


Enterprise Scalability

Intensified ROI across your entire business stack, thanks to flexible options for all business units.


Ironclad Processes

Quick integration, ongoing guidance and predictable results, and fast time to market.

Get our Manufacturing infosheet

Infosheet: Machine Learning for Manufacturing with Kepler

It has never been more important to make the most out of your data to ensure you’re gaining efficiencies across the business stack. From forecasting demand to maintenance prediction, Kepler can have significant benefits on your business’ bottom line.

Learn more about the power of Kepler on our Infosheet: Ensuring end-to-end efficiencies for Manufacturing with Kepler.

Get our Logistics & Transportation infosheet

Infosheet: Machine Learning for Transportation & Logistics

Maintaining efficient end-to-end operations is a highly complex, but crucial, task for any transportation or logistics operation. Today, cutting costs and being as proactive as possible in your approach to planning is critical. From predicting maintenance costs to having accurate workforce planning, ML-powered insights can help you stay the course to success.

Read more from our Infosheet: Find the right path with advanced ML for Transportation & Logistics.

Learn more about the Kepler AI business platform with our demo video.

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