Understand your customers better through data-driven intelligence and predictions

…and handle the demands of brick and mortar outlets and eCommerce sites with the Kepler AI business platform.

As a retail leader you’ve heard that AI can help better understand customer intent by making sense of your vast amounts of data. What’s more, you suspect that your competition is heavily investing in these types of innovation strategies.

To continue leading into the future, it will be essential to leverage AI technologies for a more thorough understanding of your customers at all stages of their journey. These benefits come easy with Kepler: a self-serve, SaaS AI business platform.

Kepler - Workflow evaluation dashboard

What can Kepler improve in your organization?

With accurate demand forecasting, you can better meet customer expectations while reducing inventory shortfalls and excess.

Optimize and prioritize activities across your customer’s journey including ad spend optimization, churn, customer segmentation and more with accurate customer lifetime value prediction.

Improve targeting and personalize messaging to maximize conversion, engagement and sales using AI-powered customer segmentation.

Provide highly personalized offers, rebates, and product recommendations to your customers to increase sales and brand equity.

Explore the different ways you can use Kepler to gain agility in your business.

Your goals, achieved with Kepler.

Augment human decision-making at all levels of your organization with self-serve AI for data-driven insights and predictions.

Infosheet: Boosting efficiencies for your retail business with Kepler

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Discover how you can leverage your customers’ data for more efficient and fruitful interactions

As retailers evolve into evermore complex, omnichannel experiences, the amount of data your customers are constantly providing you is growing exponentially. It’s right at your fingertips, you just need the means to interpret what it’s telling you. Now is the time to make the most of your data to understand your customers better, gaining efficiencies and boosting your bottom line.

Learn more about the power of the Kepler platform in our Infosheet: Boosting efficiencies for your Retail business with Kepler.

AI Solutions for Retail, CPG & Ecommerce

Leverage the Kepler platform to build richer experiences, improve your end-to-end processes, and capitalize on smart machine learning that will boost your business’ bottom line.

A self-serve AI and machine learning platform built to secure your competitive edge.

As a retail leader, you already know that AI can spark positive growth and change in multiple aspects of your business. What’s more, you know that your competition is heavily investing in similar innovation strategies. So what’s the best route to ensure your business tops the sales charts at the end of 2020? It’s simple: power your AI strategy with a partner and a platform that achieves tangible ROI, and deliver a measurable competitive difference along the way. All centralized within the Kepler platform.

Use Cases for AI in Retail, CPG & Ecommerce

Pricing & Promotion Optimization

Demand Forecasting & Stock Optimization

Personalized Offers & Recommendations

Customer Segmentation & Processing

Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

Why Stradigi AI is the right choice for your retail organization.


Proven Expertise

Machine Learning automated pipelines that transform state-of-the-art algorithms into revenue.


Customized Competitiveness

AI that’s customized to fit your unique needs, built to perform higher than off-the-shelf solutions.


Enterprise Scalability

Intensified ROI across your entire business stack, thanks to flexible options for all business units.


Ironclad Processes

Quick integration, ongoing guidance and predictable results, and fast time to market.

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Infosheet: Advanced Machine Learning for Retailers

Retailers are constantly collecting valuable consumer, market, and supply chain data. Now is the time to make the most of your data to maintain efficiencies and protect your bottom line.

Learn more about the power of the Kepler platform on our Infosheet: Boosting efficiencies for your Retail business with Kepler.

Infosheet: Boosting efficiencies for your retail business with Kepler

CPG infosheet for the Kepler platform

As market demands ebb and flow faster than ever, extracting efficiency-driving insights to better manage your supply chain and improve forecasting is paramount. Find out how the Kepler platform helps you seize opportunities, one use case at a time.

Read more from our Infosheet: CPG Brands Bridge the Gap Between Data and Revenue with The Kepler Platform.

Learn more about the Kepler AI business platform with our demo video.

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