Kepler for Business Analysts

AI doesn't have to be complicated. Kepler AI software empowers everyone to do more with easy-to-understand AI tools.

Redefine how you work with data to drive productivity and efficiency:

  • Achieve faster, measurable data-driven insights to improve business planning and support decision-making.
  • Tackle more problems with your data by leveraging AI/ML that is usable by any business user.
  • Increase the confidence of decisions through data driven insights.
Kepler - Business Users

Common use cases for business users.

Business users are using Kepler to accelerate data-driven decision making and business planning across a variety of use cases and industries.

The Kepler platform enables you to:

  • Forecast demand with accuracy
  • Reduce customer churn through churn analysis and prediction
  • Predict and analyze the lifetime value of your customers
  • Improve customer segmentation and targeting
  • Optimize marketing and advertising investment
  • Predict customer behavior
  • Gauge opinion through sentiment analysis
  • And much more!
Kepler - Workflow evaluation dashboard

You’re not alone on your AI journey.

Kepler - Customer Success

Stradigi AI’s Customer Success team works closely with you as you use Kepler to ensure projects are a success at every stage in your journey.

  • Ideation & Framing: We work with clients and partners to brainstorm and frame challenges or ideas around the data you have and act as a sounding board for evaluating and choosing the best projects to start with as you use the Kepler AI business platform – tying business challenges to platform capability.

  • Data Identification: We assist clients and partners in looking at, and finding, the right data needed to address outlined business challenges.

  • Interpreting Results: Our team can interpret insights generated by Kepler with you to gain deeper understanding into results and how to think about ongoing use for reaching greater AI value.

  • Model Deployment Support: We can work with you to define how models can be leveraged by other systems or integrated.

  • Maximizing Impact: The ultimate goal of using Kepler is to positively maximize the impact on your business with efficiency, cost reductions, gains and productivity.

What do you need to get started with Kepler?

The key to powerful data-driven insights and predictions is locked within your data. The Kepler platform uses advanced automated machine learning and artificial intelligence which learns from your data, analyzing relationships across all its unique features and facets to build accurate predictions and generate powerful insights.

Getting started is easy, all you need is:

1. A business challenge to solve

2. Data that is accessible

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