Our Platform

Our platform is configurable, robust and scalable, built to solve real life problems to give your organization an indisputable edge.

The Stradigi AI Difference

We are a different kind of AI company. As one of the AI leaders in Canada, we build solutions that propel your business forward. Our culture and values guide our business relationships. We are partners in our clients’ successes and work hand in hand to ensure a seamless execution. The platform and solutions we provide are turnkey, yet we continually work together to ensure bottom line results, building your strategic advantages. We are building a different kind of company, because, after all, we are building a different kind of future.

ML Experts

Proprietary set of optimized algorithms

AI Hub

One of the first AI companies launched in Montreal

Flexible Solutions

Configurable & scalable AI solutions builder

90+ Employees

Over 30 in-house Research Scientists with PhDs

3 Offices

Montreal, Toronto, Brazil (2019)

AI for Good

Committed to the social mission of AI

1 Platform, Infinite Applications

The opportunity presented by artificial intelligence is the power to draw deep insights from complex data systems. Our expertise spans across a wide range of AI disciplines, giving you the certainty of gaining a competitive edge, and to address your most pressing business challenges.

Here are a few applications our AI experts have developed for the Stradigi AI platform:

Recommender Systems

Prediction Systems

Anomaly Detection

Image & Video Understanding

Natural Language Understanding

Strategic Decision Making

Provide highly tailored fashion recommendations based on customer preferences to reduce churn.
Recommender Systems

Provide highly tailored fashion recommendations based on customer preferences to reduce churn.

The Stradigi AI Platform

Our platform provides the flexibility and scalability of an evolving solution to meet your industry and organization specific needs. Our research, solutions and product teams work constantly to improve our algorithms to keep your business running on the cutting edge of technology.

Our platform delivers:


Deliver the benefits of AI in weeks


Project assessment and data analysis process to minimize risk

State of the Art

Advanced AI algorithms optimized by Automated Machine Learning

Data Security

Compliant with the latest security standards

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