Put powerful Machine Learning in the hands of your team with the Kepler platform.

Say goodbye to cost-draining holding patterns. Expedite ML model production to solve today’s challenges with today’s team — no ML experience required.

The Kepler platform is where results-driving AI meets intuitive, easy-to-use automated workflows. One platform, limitless value.

The Kepler platform leverages thousands of the highest performing algorithms available on the market to predict, forecast, optimize, and provide insights that make a measurable impact on your business, no matter the department. The Kepler platform ’s expertly designed interface promises ML model creation can be done by your entire team, so you can say goodbye to inefficient POCs and cost-draining AI projects — and bring your ML projects over the finish line, day after day.

The Machine Learning skills gap is real. The Kepler platform is here to fill it.

Access the Kepler platforms wide selection of Automated Data Science Workflows, which empower users of all backgrounds and expertises — yes, including those with no ML experience — to leverage the transformational power of ML and Deep Learning for day-to-day tasks.

What’s under the hood of an Automated Data Science Workflow is a series of expertly engineered data science tasks that are orchestrated in accordance with the data you have and the goal you want to achieve. Today, the Kepler platform comes equipped with 8 powerful workflows that solve thousands of industry problems. See the Tabular Data page for more information on how to use your data with the Kepler platform’s workflows.

With Automated Data Science Workflows, you can dive into end-to-end ML-powered analysis with ease.

Gain an edge over your competition by seeing what they can’t. Kepler ingests tabular data (such as CSV, Excel, SQL, HDF5), image (including PNG & JPEG), plus text classification, so you can get a 360-degree view of your business. Richer data = more informed decisions.

What’s in an Automated Data Science Workflow, anyway?

Here’s how our intuitively designed workflows function, augmenting the data science process from data upload to deployment through simple, easy-to-follow steps. For any type of user, in any department, in any business.

You upload your data to Kepler.

You select the right Automated Data Science Workflow based on your business goal and desired outcome.

Kepler organizes and visualizes your data.

Kepler provides an in-depth view of your data to ensure it suits the needs of your project.

You give Kepler important context about your data, model preferences, and budget.

Kepler makes your data sparkling by removing blanks, standardizing texts & removing special characters.

Kepler tests, creates and improves features to build your ML model.

Kepler selects algorithms, undergoes automated configuration and hyperparameter optimization.

Kepler interprets results via dashboard, showing specific, clear details on data points within the machine learning model.

Kepler generates predictions from either static or real-time data.

Kepler generates code to connect inference to your system of choice, so you can start seeing results from your work.

Communicate effectively. Be efficient.
Scale your efforts across the entire enterprise.

Scale faster, learn smarter, and enable ML, everywhere.

Kepler simply needs two things: your internal subject matter experts eager to drive results, and your data. From sales to ops to marketing and HR, its usability makes scaling ML across the entire organization simple, driving compounded value from one platform investment.

Benefit from features built to improve your efficiency, everyday.

From the ability to ingest raw data to removing duplicates and NaN variables, Kepler’s embedded data preparation abilities speed your time to production. Plus, you can run experiments in parallel, rather than relying on traditional in-sequence methods.

Communicate effectively and dissolve disruptive silos, now.

Visualize the results of your AI projects with easy-to-navigate, sharable dashboards that highlight insights and enable rapid business analysis. Dissolve silos, share results with other users on Kepler, and loop in key stakeholders with the information that matters to them.

Feel confident in what you bring to market, always.

Kepler’s interpretability functions ensure you always know why decisions are being made. And you can rest assured Kepler is undergoing constant optimization, so the models you bring to market are state-of-the-art.

Need what you see on Kepler, plus a little more?
We can help with that too.

There’s no one-size-fits all approach for AI-powered innovation, and we get that. Stradigi AI offers a range of Strategic Advisory Services to guide your business through its AI ascent. Maximizing business opportunity with ML that drives revenue is what we do best. Get in touch to learn more about our advisory service options.

Learn more about the Kepler AI business platform with our demo video.

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