Customizable AI solutions with Kepler

The Kepler platform expedites AI implementation by bringing proof-of-value to tangible, reliable solutions that you can scale across the entire business stack.

A software subscription for Machine Learning-driven organizations.

Streamline your path toward building an AI-powered enterprise. Onboarding Kepler provides the assurance and predictability you need in the complex world of Machine Learning. Kepler's rigorous software environment enables quick prototyping, careful optimization, and one-click deployment. All with minimal risk to your bottom line.

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360-Degree Predictability

Know the impact and ROI you're generating with our proof-of-value process, performance measurement & more.

Always-on Optimization

Your AI remains competitive thanks to our Research and Data Science Lab that creates cutting-edge AI, everyday.

Trusted Security

Your data — and your customer’s data — is always protected via our secure software environment on Kepler.

Rapid Deployment

Your AI solutions go from idea to delivery to scale in months, not years, thanks to our efficient processes.

Integrate Anywhere

Your IT team will be worry-free working with our architects and AI experts, from staging to production, cloud or on-premise.

One Platform to Scale it All

Your AI projects live within one platform, making it easy to scale as your solutions, and your team, evolve.

Illustrate the value of AI with the right partner, and a proven process.

This is how we'll work together to kick-start the next phase of your AI journey. Leave no great idea unexplored as you centralize all of your Machine Learning projects in one multidimensional platform.


Work with our AI experts to identify high-impact project opportunities and use cases.


Get a clear idea of your AI solution capabilities and accuracy with a custom model, built using static data.

Managed Delivery

Your custom AI solution is fully integrated into your existing infrastructure via the Stradigi AI cloud or on-premise.

Enterprise Scaling

Benefit from a holistic Kepler subscription to solve multiple challenges throughout your organization, with multiple users.

Intelligent AI modules to solve complex use cases.

Kepler’s researchers and in-house data scientists apply their expertise across six AI modules to build state-of-the-art algorithms that drive revenue or save costs. Algorithms are benchmarked and tested, flexible across multiple industries and use cases to solve challenges quickly and efficiently.

Recommender Systems

Prediction Systems

Anomaly Detection

Image & Video Understanding

Natural Language Understanding

Strategic Decision Making

Provide highly tailored recommendations based on customer preferences.
Recommender Systems

Provide highly tailored recommendations based on customer preferences.

Get access to world-class AI expertise and talent.

Leverage the expertise of our Research and Data Science Lab. Our scientists have a range of specializations across multiple machine learning expertises and verticals, ensuring you will have the right expertise contributing to your project. Plus, our software-meets-service model includes tactical guidance from this all-star team.

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Cross the AI chasm before your competitors.

Innovation-driven companies haven’t been wary to experiment with AI solutions. But few have successfully productionized and scaled AI to become ongoing solutions that demonstrate tangible and lasting results. Learn, onboard and implement faster than the competition with a partner that will shepherd your innovation journey, from start to scale.

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