Customizable AI solutions with Kepler.

The Kepler platform expedites AI implementation by bringing proof-of-concepts to tangible, ongoing solutions across the entire business stack.

A software subscription for AI-driven organizations.

Streamline your path toward building an AI-powered enterprise. Onboarding to Kepler secures your commitment to driving real, tangible results from your AI projects. Its sophisticated environment was built to empower your technical and non-technical teams with flexible tools, and continually improve your models.

Kepler’s features, for your benefit:

Always-on optimization

Your algorithms will never become obsolete, and constantly maintain their state-of-the-art status.

Ironclad security

Your data is always protected via our secure environment and the Stradigi AI cloud.

Quick deployment

Your AI solutions go from idea to delivery thanks to customizable pre-built pipelines.

Configurable dashboards for ROI measurement

Easily communicate the success of your AI projects with a visual representation of your projects, configured to represent your core KPIs. Monitor your return on investment and see real-time results, demonstrating the clear value of AI to your team.

Intelligent AI modules to solve complex use cases.

Kepler’s researchers and in-house data scientists apply their expertise across six AI modules to build state-of-the-art algorithms that drive revenue or save costs. Algorithms are pre-built and tested, flexible across multiple industries and use cases to solve challenges quickly and efficiently.

Recommender Systems

Prediction Systems

Anomaly Detection

Image & Video Understanding

Natural Language Understanding

Strategic Decision Making

Provide highly tailored recommendations based on customer preferences.
Recommender Systems

Provide highly tailored recommendations based on customer preferences.

Build the right foundation for your AI journey.

Equip yourself with the right partner and the right tools to drive long-term growth and success with your AI projects. With Kepler, you’re proving the benefits of AI to your bottom line, and your entire team. The next question is: what use case to tackle first?

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