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Montreal-based Stradigi AI Announces the Launch of an Applied Research Lab

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Montreal, September 29, 2017 – Stradigi AI, an internationally recognized AI-powered software development company based in Montreal, is pleased to announce the launch of an applied research center focused on developing innovative AI solutions in high-growth markets such as medical and healthcare, sports and social platforms.

The AI Lab is led by Carolina Bessega PhD and astrophysicist. She serves as the newly appointed Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of the Lab. Her background spans more than nine years working on international AI-specific projects and she has over 20 years of research experience across the fields of machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, data augmentation and neural networks. Joining Carolina as Co-Founders in the Lab are Jaime Camacaro, Stradigi Chief Innovation Officer and both of the original, principal owners and founders of Stradigi’s umbrella companies, Basil Bouraropoulos, CEO and Curtis Gavura, COO.

“AI is one of the fastest-growing segments of tech today, and there is a large demand from well-established businesses who deal with complex problems but don’t have an AI team to craft custom solutions they need,” said Carolina Bessega, CSO and co-founder of Stradigi AI. “I look forward to continuing our work with a talented team of data and research scientists, advisors, and international partners, as we develop powerful new ways to leverage AI that will contribute to the growth of the industry.”

Stradigi AI operates a unique model where innovative ideas are spun out from the AI Lab and incubated in-house; benefitting from its internal resources, investment arm, and a powerful network of partners. The ideas can then either be turned into standalone companies, or the firm will license the software to other businesses to help them scale.

The first company spun out of the Lab, Propulse Analytics, built a custom AI solution to better understand a customer’s path to purchase for retailers. The image recognition technology recently helped a millennial clothing brand amplify sales 2.5x in a matter of months, bringing an innovative prediction tool to retailers to address fulfillment needs and help move unsold inventory. A second company with a powerful chatting application focused on preventing cyber-bullying is expected to be announced in the near future.

Stradigi AI offers more than 12 years of experience in working with successful startups, with expertise in a broad range of AI sectors. Current examples of research and development projects from the research lab include working with professional sports organizations on a new predictive analytics platform to improve team performance through tactical recommendations and the drafting process, leading medical institutions for targeted treatments in areas of heart disease and pain management, and addressing social tools in areas like cyber-bullying and self-harm. The synergy between Stradigi AI, the AI Lab and the Ventures arm brings a range of value-added services to our partner companies. This teamwork is not only investment-wise, but also through a full backend of Stradigi AI resources and services companies can leverage as they incubate, spin out and grow.

“I’m excited to begin our next phase of growth, and adding to our world class team of  research scientists, as we continue helping entrepreneurs and brands we work with scale and grow their businesses,” said Basil Bouraropoulos, CEO of Stradigi AI. “We’re in a unique position for expansion over the next 12-24 months thanks to our expertise in AI and the strength of our partnerships, which is the precise reason we’re pouring significant resources into our research lab. By investing in top talent and our proprietary technologies and algorithms, this new extension of Stradigi AI will enhance everything we do in a more powerful way.”

As part of its hiring plans, Stradigi AI is looking to add 30 new employees to their existing workforce of 50 over the next 18 months which creates ongoing job opportunities in the high-tech Montreal sector. The company has raised multimillion dollar investments for the launch of the Lab, which includes capital from The Dunn Family (family trust of legendary business icon Sir Herbert Holt), Panache VenturesMike Cegelski, and Stradigi Ventures.

To accommodate growth, and projects coming out of the Lab, Stradigi AI has also secured 13,000 square feet of office space in the penthouse of the historic Hermes Building in addition to the 9,000 square feet the company currently occupies.

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