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Stradigi AI and Cray expand partnership to accelerate enterprise AI adoption

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Partnership Couples Cutting-Edge AI Platform and Services with Cray High-Performance Computing Capabilities for Rapid AI Delivery From Concept to Production

Today at the 2019 Supercomputing Conference in Denver, Colorado, Stradigi AI, a leading Montreal-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions company, announced the company has expanded its partnership with global supercomputer leader Cray, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. The partnership will enable an agreement to package the Stradigi AI’s Kepler platform and AI application development services with Cray CS Series systems, in order to provide enterprises an infrastructure for the entire AI workflow. This partnership agreement leverages Cray’s expertise in high-performance computing (HPC) systems and Stradigi AI’s capabilities to deliver artificial intelligent applications to customers expanding their adoption of AI.

Stradigi AI delivers configurable, scalable and secure AI applications that solve real-world business problems. Under the new agreement, Cray and Stradigi AI will deliver complete AI applications, including scalable on-premises hardware and software infrastructure. Running on Cray CS Series systems, Stradigi AI’s Kepler provides a turnkey application solution for enterprises struggling with skills shortages, infrastructure limitations, time and budgetary constraints or failed first efforts.

“We’re pleased to work with Cray to help organizations realize the promise and value of their AI projects and address the market need for rapid ROI from the adoption and implementation of AI,” said Per Nyberg, Chief Commercial Officer at Stradigi AI. “As enterprises increasingly move from AI experiments and proof of concepts to AI production, they face challenges such as skill shortages and the complexity of workflow iterations. This partnership with Cray gives us the ability to expand our market and establish Stradigi AI as an on-premises offering backed by computing power to bring enterprises an AI solution that solves real business problems in every step of an organization’s AI journey.”

Customers across industries including financial services, transportation and logistics, retail and e-commerce, and the public sector are challenged to implement AI. According to a newly-published survey commissioned by Cray, the lack of technical expertise and the time to recognize AI value were identified as critical challenges enterprises faced when implementing this technology. Together, Cray and Stradigi AI address these impasses, delivering working AI solutions for marketing, sales, human resources, security and operations using deep learning for natural language processing, image and video analysis, anomaly detection, prediction and recommender systems, and strategic decision making.

“At Cray, we’ve always known that the infrastructure of AI isn’t enough to exploit its promises, and a shortage of AI experience and infrastructure is hamstringing organizations from implementing AI-powered applications,” said John Dinning, senior vice president of products at Cray, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. “Stradigi AI, with its unique combination of research talent and state-of-the-art AI platform, Kepler, are the ideal AI partner for Cray. We will engage with enterprises that desire near-term success with AI adoption, while investing in the technology’s infrastructure for the long-term.”

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