AI + Creativity: What happens when technology and art intersect?

Executive Summary

In the past few years, the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and creativity has become increasingly complex. In a context where machines can produce art, artists are adopting technology, and scientists rely on creative processes to push technological boundaries, many key questions arise: is it possible for AI and creativity to exist without one another? Is the development of AI an inherently creative process? Has technology democratized art and other creative forms to create a more “human” world? Crucially, how does the negotiation of these various tensions impact businesses?

This paper examines the convergence of AI and creativity from the lens of a business professional. You will discover surprising ways that AI and creativity coalesce to create meaningful contributions to our lives — be it your time out of the office, your time in the boardroom, or your forms of inter-team collaboration. You will glean valuable insights on how to make your technical teams think more creatively, and your creative teams think more technically. Our exclusive chapter with Montreal creative thought leaders from Zu Montreal and LNDMRK has tips, tricks, and insights for augmenting your company’s own creative processes.

As AI experts, we know that it’s impossible to predict exactly what the next 20 to 30 years will encompass. However, as humans, creatives, and business-minded partners, we’re confident that AI-powered technologies that empower people to think more creatively and strategically will create a future that’s more human, more interesting, and more equal.

"Analyzing data is an objective, non-emotional pursuit, much different than art. Yet, factual representations of the world help artists and creators reflect the world around them in a more impartial, unbiased way"

Guillame Therrien, General Manager, Zú Montreal
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