Our Solutions

Our AI solutions are custom, robust, purposeful and extensible, solving real life problems to give your organization an indisputable edge.

Our Approach

We believe the most effective way to maximize the value of AI for your business is through a strong, yet simple approach, based on two guiding principles:

Developing a strong partnership by collaborating closely with your team in every step of the process.

Making sure you are aware of any updates and progress of your AI project through frequent checkpoints and communication.

Our Approach

Our AI Process

We have developed a proven and iterative process that allows us to successfully support enterprise-sized AI projects from start to finish. We also offer flexibility depending on your needs and capabilities with our à la carte option, which allows you to specify which phase you need us to focus on.



Analyzing the feasibility of the project and setting expectations

02Applied Research

Applied Research

Continuously improving the AI model for better results

03Software Development

Solution Development

Building an end-product that will integrate the AI model

04Ongoing Learning & Improvement

Support & Evolution

Monitoring and boosting the AI model’s performance

Our Areas of Expertise

At Stradigi AI, our expertise span across a large number of AI disciplines, giving you the certainty that your business challenge will be solved in the best way possible. Here are a few of the areas our AI experts operate in:

Recommender Systems
Recommender Systems

Understanding the likelihood of an individual to take an action and as a result, provide personalized suggestions that lead to more efficiencies.

Time Series Analysis
Time Series Analysis

Through historical data, analyzing and extracting relevant patterns to predict or classify conditions and events.

Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing

Understanding and leveraging the human language to optimize performance of a specific task or to uncover new tasks.

Image and Video Understanding
Image and Video Understanding

Automatically extracting and generating analysis & meaning behind images or videos.

Decision-making Systems
Decision-Making Systems

Making recommendations and innovative solutions in dynamic and complex environments.

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