Unleash powerful insights from your tabular data.

Churn prediction and customer segmentation are just two of the business-driving benefits that lie waiting in your tabular data.

Do more and know more with your tabular data.
No ML experience required.

Tabular data is one of the most commonly used types of data and it’s often found in multiple data table formats, including spreadsheets and financial reports, to name a few. The valuable information contained within tabular data can be essential to solving a variety of use cases across multiple industries and lines of business, such as marketing and media, retail and CPG, financial services, and more. Kepler’s powerful Automated Data Science Workflows require no Machine Learning experience to use, and solve the most common use cases with the following objectives in mind: generating revenue, cutting costs and gaining insights. Leveraging tabular data, users can improve demand forecasting, deploy recommender systems, and glean better insights on customer behavior and preferences.

Optimize insights from your tabular data with the following Automated Data Science Workflows:


Clustering makes sense of your unlabelled data by grouping them into categories according to patterns and similarities. Use this workflow for customer segmentation according to behavioral and demographic information.


Predict categories of data based on key information revealed. Leverage tabular classification to conduct sentiment analysis of customer reviews and emails, or to identify dissatisfied customers for churn prevention.


Use tabular regression to draw connections between variables and anticipate future trends, to satisfy customer demands. Regression solves use cases to make accurate estimates of product sell-in and sell-out.

User-item Recommender

Maximize user experience by recommending the right items tailored to customers’ needs. Sell the right product at the right time for eCommerce products.

Forecasting and Prediction

Predict future outcomes of specified targets. Through Forecasting and Prediction, you can track stock prices, predict customer sentiments, and uncover market trends.

Anomaly Detection

Identify and tease out irregularities in your dataset to resolve issues. Use Anomaly Detection to detect fraud and analyse probable causes in supply chain operations.

Data exploration

Minimize time spent making sense of your raw data. Once your data is uploaded, Kepler’s dashboard neatly organizes your information by mapping it out through relevant categories and graphs, allowing you to further refine your data prior to the preparation stage.

Data preparation

Benefit from an efficient data preparation stage. Kepler ingests and prepares your raw tabular data by removing duplicates, blanks and other NaN variables. Our powerful workflows standardize text while also handling special text such as numbers, dates, URLs and email, with ease.

Automated Data Science Workflows with Kepler

Be at the forefront of AI-driven enterprises. Benefit from AI with a platform that requires zero Machine Learning experience and offers state-of-the-art, easy-to-use automated workflows for a seamless user experience.

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