AI Solutions for Customer Experience with Kepler

Strengthen your brand by delivering memorable customer experiences with an ML platform flexible to fit a wide range of use cases.

Increase customer loyalty

Reward and retain existing customers. Ensure you’re delivering rich experiences by leveraging key customer information and surpassing expectations.

Personalize customer experience

Use valuable customer insights to personalize their online journey and recommend the most relevant products or services.

Grow your customer base

Tap into uncharted territory. Reach more potential customers and convert new audiences into satisfied buyers.


Limit churn and retain valuable customers

Utilize essential customer behavior information to determine risk of churning. Kepler’s powerful Automated Data Science Workflows allow you to identify factors and causes that determine churn risk, empowering you to take action well in advance.


Accurately analyse and assess customer feedback

Identify and categorize customer sentiment from online reviews to glean better insights on customer satisfaction, and gauge your products’ popularity.


Efficiently resolve customer issues and deliver on requests

Leverage your customer data to detect sentiment, primary subject and keywords in emails and reviews to quickly allocate and prioritize responses.


Deliver relevant content to strengthen customers’ connection to your brand

Enhance customer experience to drive conversion rates and boost loyalty, using Kepler Recommender Workflow. Personalize users’ experiences by delivering the most relevant content to them.

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