AI Solutions for Customer Relationship Management with Kepler

Streamline your CRM processes and improve your conversion rates with an ML platform flexible to fit a wide range of use cases.

Drive brand loyalty

Stand out from the crowd. Develop brand-building strategies, on a short and long-term basis so that your customers keep coming back.

Improve user experience

Use valuable user insights to personalize their online journey and recommend the most relevant content items.

Convert leads

Accelerate your lead scoring abilities to turn more customers into buyers


Maximize the success of your lead generation efforts

Leverage the power of Machine Learning to better nurture your customer relationships and secure their trust. Discover key customer information to inform your email campaign strategies.


Predict buying intentions and provide better product recommendations

Predict buying intentions and determine the conversion probability of key customer segments, in order to tailor the most relevant recommendations and drive sales.


Leverage your data to convert valuable leads into sales

Increase your website traffic by optimizing each stage of the lead generation process. Convert valuable leads into sales and attract prospective customers - all with the data you already have.


Group your customers to better understand them

Understand your customers with greater depth. Improve customer communications by grouping similar or different customers using data points, and defining the sentiment, primary subject and keywords of customer messages in real-time.

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