Artificial Intelligence for smart, human business.

Solve your most complex business problems with a cutting-edge AI platform that understands how your business and your people work.

Kepler is here.

Stradigi AI's next-generation platform houses the world’s most advanced AI algorithms.

Let us take care of the AI, so you can focus on everything else.

Bring Kepler onto your roster to transform your business with AI solutions that are fast, secure, and scalable to solve your current and future challenges. Kepler's algorithms are built stronger than any other on the market: we use a powerful, scalable combination of our own state-of-the-art algorithms, open source, and hybrids. Generating rapid ROI is what we do best, giving you more time and more money to think creatively and strategically.

AI Research Lab

Artificial Intelligence that fuels results, fast.

Integrate transformative, cutting-edge AI into your business seamlessly. Our experienced research scientists develop state-of-the-art algorithms that outperform industry standards, guaranteed. Using machine learning, specifically deep learning techniques, Kepler performs the tasks that humans and traditional AI techniques cannot.

Custom AI Solutions Development

One platform. One lab.

Leverage our team of 30+ research scientists to catapult your business to the top. As the only platform that integrates hybrid, custom and open source algorithms, our scientists spend their time staying ahead of the curve so our clients never fall behind. Creating cutting-edge algorithms that solve real problems for real businesses with an ethically-minded approach is what drives us forward.

Stradigi AI Platform

AI for today. A partner for the future.

Partner with our multifaceted team to achieve your long-term goals, driven by innovative technology. Data integration and onboarding to Kepler is just the beginning of your AI journey. Our Client Success team is dedicated to empowering your company with the knowledge, tools, and information to skyrocket you to the top.

Growth and Partnership

Join the roster. Change the world with us.

Create a world where humans can be more human at Stradigi AI. Take a look at our careers page to learn how we attract the top talent from around the world, and why we’re one of the top-rated employers in Montreal.

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