Close the gap between data and action

Get real business value with AI today.

Discover the Kepler™ AI Business Platform.

AI software that delivers actionable insights so you can focus on growing your business.

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Percent accuracy in predicting loan cancellations for a national bank, after 3 weeks in production.
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Growth in user-community for an esports company.
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Percent accuracy in forecasting demand for a consumer brand company, after 4-weeks in production.

Empower your organization with enterprise AI software and gain actionable insights.

The Kepler AI business platform bridges the gap between AI technology and tangible business value. The Kepler platform provides faster time to value and is the path to usable, data-driven insights that businesses need to compete and grow for the future.

Any organization and business function with data can leverage AI.

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Enterprise AI software for business leaders

The Kepler AI business platform is the right AI solution for all roles.

Kepler: An AI business platform keeping humans in mind.

Enhance productivity with AI technology you can use in all areas of your business.

Use Kepler to augment current processes and decision-making for high-impact results:

  • Go beyond traditional analytics to unlock the value in your data.
  • Leverage continuously updated state-of-the-art machine and deep learning.
  • Scale across your entire organization by placing AI in the hands of anyone who relies on data-driven decision-making.
  • Put AI to work for you fast with easy-to-use preset workflows, and without costly on-premises infrastructure.
Kepler - Workflow evaluation dashboard

Your success is part of the plan.

Achieve more, faster with professional and proactive support.

Kepler Customer Success Diagram

We’ll help you through the process of taking your vision all the way to valuable insights, working with you to:

  1. Establish a more insightful understanding of your business.

  2. Determine if AI is really the right path towards solving your challenges.

  3. Assess challenge to tackle first for the best and quickest time-to-value.

  4. Guide you in preparing your data, if needed.

  5. Use your data to build your first production-ready AI model.

Leverage our partnerships to capture more AI opportunities across the globe.

Join a growing, AI-savvy network helping to redefine data-driven intelligence.

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Grow your business through the delivery of AI services and solutions.

Access Kepler through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

Our customers partner with us to achieve data-driven results.

Stradigi AI provides flexibility across industries.

Use the Kepler platform throughout your entire value chain, regardless of where you do business.

An AI platform leader, helping humanity through AI.

We foster better business through more informed, data-driven decisions.

Learn more about the Kepler AI business platform with our demo video.

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