AI & Machine Learning for Enterprises.

Stradigi AI is named to The Constellation Shortlist™ of AI & ML Best-of-Breed Platforms in Q3 2020.

Leverage state-of-the-art Machine Learning, no matter your level of expertise.

Stradigi AI’s platform, Kepler, combines advanced Machine Learning — including Deep Learning — with intuitive design, all within a framework engineered to help you scale AI, fast. Your entire team can leverage Kepler, with no previous ML experience required.

A reimagined approach to your AI ascent.

Bring ML capabilities onto your roster to accelerate tangible results across the entire business stack. No matter the department or expertise of your team, you can leverage Kepler’s Automated Data Science Workflows to gain efficiency, improve accuracy, illuminate new insights, augment customer experiences, and more. Onboarding to Kepler is efficient, so your teams can go from login to deployment in minutes, not hours.

Solve high-impact use cases in record time.

Eager to get real results from your AI projects, in every department? Kepler was developed using rigorous software engineering principles to create industry-ready ML that translates to tangible results for your business. Plus, our Automated Data Science Workflows leverage a multitude of data sets from tabular to image, so you can do more with your data, and glean richer insights at every turn.

"Stradigi AI’s Kepler platform fills a gap in our ecosystem

to address the needs of companies who can benefit from machine learning, but often lack the necessary resources to get started. This collaboration will empower our clientbase to become more AI-enabled.”

— Axelle Lemaire, Terra Numerata Global Head at Roland Berger

An ever-evolving partnership starts here.

Benefit from a partner that’s trusted by enterprise industry leaders, such as Cray, KPMG Canada, and Roland Berger. Our proven project methodologies ensure we can deliver an unsurpassed breadth of business expertise at every step of the AI journey, backed by software that scales with your business and your people.

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