Kepler for data teams

Quicker AI predictions with Kepler’s AI toolset for data teams.

Discover easy-to-use tools that make it easy to build and deploy AI models, without needing to be a data scientist or wait for other teams.

Step into
the future

Go beyond what happened and why, and get forward-looking predictions in minutes

Automate many of the manual tasks related to data processing

Become an
AI champion

Process a constant flux of data, faster than humanly possible

Highlight correlating factors and provide context to your insights

the manual

Kepler tries a variety of machine learning algorithms and configurations for performance and quality

Kepler trains multiple in parallel to save you time

The result is a custom model that’s specific to your question and your data

Data science
not required

Guardrails keep your AI projects on track

Step by step workflows and easy to understand explanations

With Kepler I can work on many models at the same time, try different approaches, and adapt quickly. It just makes my life easier.
Diego Santos

Data Scientist, ReclameAQUI

Tap into the power of AI

With Kepler, it’s easy to answer complex questions using the power of machine learning and deep learning.