How it works

Build, deploy & scale AI with confidence.

Kepler makes it easy to work with AI. All you need to know is what insights you’d like to understand, and activating the data that you have.

Ask your question

You know your business and you know your data. But there are some questions that are too complex or impractical to answer. Kepler finds patterns and relationships in your data so you don’t have to. All you have to do is start with a question.

Predict categories or quantities, forecast into the future, find outliers, find segments.

your data

Take advantage of the wealth of data you already collect. Introduce data from external sources to provide a richer information set related to economic reports, weather or geo-spatial data.

Use the information you work with every day: numbers, categories, dates, text, and images

Use the formats you’re used to working with: spreadsheets, text, images, databases, and data in the cloud

your model

Kepler automatically builds AI models without writing a single line of code. That means you’re free to evaluate, iterate, experiment, and explore.

Kepler tries a variety of machine learning algorithms and configurations for performance and quality

Kepler trains multiple in parallel to save you time

The result is a custom model that’s specific to your question and your data

Put it
to work

Capture and share AI insights and predictions in a single click. Integrate AI models with your reporting environment, custom apps or other enterprise systems.

& grow

Build on your success. You don’t have to wait for specialized resources. Ask more questions, build more models. Become an AI champion by focusing on your business.
Kepler is easy-to-use, the customer success team gave us good guidance and we were able to achieve quick success in launching our AI practice.
Edu Neves

Reclame Aqui


Evolution of AI Accessibily

Explore how emerging AI technology is shifting the focus from technical implementation to business outcomes, helping organizations tap into advanced machine learning without the expense of specialized teams.

Want to upskill your AI? We’ve got you:

In addition to platform training, our onboarding experience helps you build a foundation that helps you achieve success from Day 1:

AI primer on key data science terms and processes

Applied AI training on how to run a successful AI project

AI roadmap advice

How to pilot AI use cases

We also offer in-depth services related to data strategy and transformation, system integration and more.

Tap into the power of AI

With Kepler, it’s easy to answer complex questions using the power of machine learning and deep learning.