Beyond a Job

#StradigiLife is different than your regular ol’ 9-5. From weekly breakfasts to soccer games to team dinners, there’s a spot for everyone on our unique roster.

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Our Attitude

“We can do that!”

Consider us “always on call.” We’ve been makin’ it happen for over a decade, and no matter how huge the task, if you make us stretch our brains to solve a problem -- we’ll love you even more for it.

We push ourselves every day for our partners and we always see things through. We’ll connect you with the strongest minds in the business.

The culture at Stradigi AI

This Is How We're Programmed:

The Stradigist Values Respect

We seek to find solutions through listening and constructive dialogue, embrace diversity and are mindful of others, we give credit where it’s due, have the strength to admit when we're wrong and protect privacy at all costs.

The Stradigist Values Commitment

We seek to become the best version of ourselves, we have a strong work ethic, a hunger to succeed and never lose sight of our goals.

The Stradigist Values Courage

We seek to create what doesn't yet exist, aren't afraid to leave our comfort zone and forge our own path, believe failure is not the end, but an opportunity to learn, and are fearless in the face of all challenges.

The Stradigist Values Enthusiasm

We seek to inspire others, energize those around us, we love to learn, worship technology and innovation and like to see the glass half full.

The Stradigist Values Loyalty

We seek to support those around us, we're devoted to our work, offer a helping hand without needing to be asked and speak truthfully.