Kepler helps data teams activate the potential of AI.

With simple model-building workflows, and straightforward explanations, Kepler removes the barrier to AI adoption.

Become an AI champion

Whether you’re new to AI, or experienced in data science and machine learning technologies, quickly activate AI predictions without having to rely on teams of specialized resources.

Automated Machine Learning and Machine Learning Operations toolsets let you deliver AI impact early and often

Start generating AI insights and predictions in weeks

Active coaching and engagement helps expand your AI knowledge as you go

Accelerate model development with intelligent AutoML.

Build custom AI pipelines leveraging end-to-end Auto ML that automates the technical aspects of model development, and gain faster time to insights.

Guardrails help novice AI practitioners avoid critical steps in the development process.

The latest in AI algorithms and capabilities are embedded in the platform.

Parallel model development allows easy experimentation while model ranking helps you quickly hone in on the right model.

Send AI models into enterprise systems in a single click.

Easily deploy models into production and activate AI insights and predictions to advance business decisions

Achieve model governance with role -based deployment options for requestor and approver

Configure what information you want to receive about a prediction including confidence, interpretability or simply the prediction itself

Want to learn more?
Without any prior experience in AI, I found Kepler to be very intuitive, fast to learn, and great for experimentation.
Chief Data Scientist

AI with almost
endless possibilities...

Data readiness

Direct data upload or API connectors to popular data systems and warehouses

Works with tabular, text, image data or combined datasets

Supports up to 10GB training data for a single model

Automated feature engineering and data preprocessing

Automated metadata extraction

Intelligent AutoML

Supervised and unsupervised machine learning including Segmentation, Classification, Tabular regression, Anomaly Detection & Time Series Forecasting

Over 100 data transformation processes and algorithms

Five AI technologies including Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Time Series Automation

3 modes of model development according to speed versus accuracy

Model interpretability

Visual indicator confirms when model is ready for production

Contextual explanations provide insight how to interpret model results, including recommendations on next action

Dashboards configured according to machine learning task show results and information related to specific AI workflows

Model performance metrics for data science validation


On-demand batch predictions available within directly in the platform

One-click API deployment

Model export for on-premise or private cloud deployment

Retrain existing models with new data sets

Role-baed deployment for enhanced governance

Scale Kepler across any project, any department, any team.

Discover insights

Explore and understand your data in new ways with unbiased understanding.

Make predicitions

Want to know what happens next? Kepler can help.

Automate processes

Manage and execute data and ML processes automatically.
Tap into the power of AI
With Kepler, it’s easy to answer complex questions using the power of machine learning and deep learning.

Kepler FAQs

Do I need to know how to code?
No! Kepler is a low-code AI software that removes the technical barriers to getting started with AI. We provide all the functionality so you can load your data, build your model, and deploy AI, all with easy-to-follow point-and-click technology.
Do I need to be an expert in Ai?
No! You do need to understand your business, and have access to your data, but we have built in all the functionality of a data scientist, so you don’t need to.
How do I know that a model is ready for deployment?
We have a proprietary reliability score built right into Kepler. When you run a model, we show you when your model is ready, and if it’s not ready, how to work with your data to improve the reliability.

Want to upskill your AI? We’ve got you:

In addition to platform training, our onboarding experience helps you build a foundation that helps you achieve success from Day 1:

AI primer on key data science terms and processes

Applied AI training on how to run a successful AI project

AI roadmap advice

How to pilot AI use cases

We also offer in-depth services related to data strategy and transformation, system integration and more.