Use cases | wHY KEPLER


Put the spotlight on your data with the power of machine learning to uncover new value that will transform your decision-making process.

Discover insights

Harness the volume and velocity of your data and discover previously unknown trends and patterns within the data in seconds

Automatically process vast amounts of data that is too complex for traditional spreadsheets and reporting tools

Capture insights from blended data types and data sources, faster and more effectively than with manual processing

Group data into clusters and uncover unexpected trends

Collect new data points from unstructured data like text

Predict Outcomes

Want to know what happens next? AI can help.

Use AI scoring to anticipate the likelihood that something will occur in the future

Analyze the learnings from data discovery to predict what and when

Understand which factors impact predictions and outcomes by understanding correlations within the data

Automate processes

Harness the power to influence outcomes, without the need for a user to make it happen.

Automate data processing

Streamline workflows to eliminate routine or manual tasks

Add insights and predictions into decision dashboards

Connect AI insights directly into enterprise apps and systems for easy stakeholder consumption

Inform and prioritize course of action, based on predicted outcomes

Enhance end-user experiences with AI-powered personalization

Tap into the power of AI

With Kepler, it’s easy to answer complex questions using the power of machine learning and deep learning.