AI for simpler, better business.

What’s it take to create a world where humans can be more human? Forward-thinking people who see technology in a unique light.

These are the people driving our mission

Challenging the status quo of AI is what gets our entire team out of bed in the morning. Our platform is the first of its kind, and its next-generation capabilities require a wide range of expertise to create a strong direction for our clients: from entrepreneurs to execs with a proven track record of scaling to PhDs in physics and math, meet the people changing AI.

Basil Bouraropoulos

CEO & Co-Founder

Curtis Gavura

President, COO & Co-Founder

Carolina Bessega, PhD

CSO & Co-Founder

Jaime Camacaro, PhD

CIO & Co-Founder

Per Nyberg

Chief Commercial Officer

Ben Lemelin

Senior Vice President, Talent & Culture

Carlos Romero

Vice President - Technology

Maria Elena Carbajal - Vice President of Engineering
Maria Elena Carbajal

Vice President - Engineering

Points of pride

Machine Learning is in our DNA. In our quest to create an AI platform poised to change the way enterprises scale, we've earned a few stripes.

ML Expertise

We have an impressive roster of experienced data & research scientists.


We bring a vast array of cultures & experiences to the table.

Ethical AI

We form partnerships and build software with a strong ethical foundation.

AI for Good

We leverage our expertise to support equality-driving initiatives.

Ways we work with you

Commercial & Enterprise

Platform subscriptions for innovative organizations.

Strategic Partnerships

Global alliances to foster growth for clients worldwide.

Governments & NGOs

Stimulate and promote growth at the local, national, and international level.

Thought Leadership

Keynote speaking engagement for global events.

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