Close the gap between data and action.

CPG brands using AI see an average of 10% revenue growth.

With the Kepler platform, business users leverage AI as a way of doing business—not just a single project.

In a world of shifting consumer preferences, increasing competition and a race towards personalization, closing the gap between data and action has become the most revenue-impacting initiative in the CPG industry. Brands that use AI can adapt quickly with near instant data-driven results to increase productivity and efficiency.

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Experience the true benefits of AI.

Food & Beverage, Non-Food & Beverage and FMCGs large and small find value with the Kepler AI business platform.


End-to-end AI automation

Benefit from 8 ready-to-use, advanced, automated machine learning workflows. All you need to leverage the power of AI is your data and a business challenge.


Immediate AI value

Bridge the gap between data and action to dramatically reduce time-to-market and gain ROI value. Get results in days and weeks, not months.


Multiplier effect using an AI platform

Built for data-savvy business users that can realize the value they need from their data. More use cases equals more ROI value.

Empower your organization with AI to gain meaningful, measurable insights.

The Kepler AI business platform bridges the gap between AI technology and tangible business value. The Kepler platform provides faster time-to-value and is the path to usable, data-driven insights that businesses need to compete and grow for the future.

Learn how your organization can start using AI, today.

See how any organization and business function with data can use AI.

CPG brands Predict, Plan and Personalize with the Kepler AI platform to make better data-driven decisions.

Predict and Forecast

Generate predictions and forecasts faster, with the same data. Scale the use of predictive metrics to accelerate decision-making across your business.

Common use cases include:

Kepler - Workflow evaluation dashboard graph
Kepler - Workflow evaluation dashboard

Analyze and Understand

Get more insights from your data, and develop a better understanding of what drives results across your business.

Common use cases include:

Optimize and Personalize

Build meaningful, customized experiences for your customers, plan with accuracy and create efficiencies across multiple business operations.

Common use cases include:

Kepler - Guided model training preferences

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Automate and scale across all areas of your business with a self-serve AI platform.

Marketing and Sales

Operations and Supply Chain

Product, Brand and Category Managers

Shopper Insights Professionals

Technical Teams

What clients are saying about us.

“We needed to add more certainty to our demand predictions. Getting a product from concept to shelf can take between 9 and 12 months. Often, if we don’t stock the right amount of inventory, by the time we realize it, it’s too late to fix. Improving our demand forecasting is a top priority, and we see the Kepler platform as a critical tool in building more accurate demand prediction models so we can actively drive down shortfalls and excess inventory.”
Oswaldo Moreira Neto
Director of Marketing and Innovation at Seculus

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