Bridge the Gap Between Data and Revenue.

CPG brands Predict, Plan and Personalize with the Kepler Platform to build revenue-driving data projects.

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CPG brands using AI see an average of 10% revenue growth.

In a world of shifting consumer preferences, increasing competition and a race towards personalization, closing the gap between data and action has become the most revenue-impacting initiative in CPG. Brands that use AI can adapt quickly with near instant data results to increase productivity and efficiency.

Automate and scale across all areas of your business with a self-serve AI Platform.

Marketing and Sales

Product, Brand and Category Managers

Operations and Supply Chain

Technical Teams

With the Kepler platform, business users accelerate AI as a way of doing business—not just a single project.

Marketing and Sales

Predict and Forecast

Generate predictions and forecasts faster, with the same data. Scale the use of predictive metrics to accelerate decision making across the business.

  • Ad Spend Optimization
  • Consumer Segments and Trends
  • Customer Lifetime Value Prediction
  • Marketing Attribution
  • Marketing Mix ROI
  • Personalized Marketing
  • Product Assortment by Channel
  • Sales and Customer Insights
  • Trade Promotion Effectiveness
Kepler Screenshot: Time Series Graph
Kepler Screenshot: Evaluation Dashboard

Product, Brand and Category Managers

Analyze and Understand

Get more insights from your data, and develop a better understanding of what drives results across your business.

  • Assortment Insights
  • Brand and Category Level Predictions
  • Category Planning
  • Personalized Offers and Recommendations
  • Price and Promotion Optimization
  • Seasonal Insights
  • SKU Performance and Margin Impacts

Operations and Supply Chain

Personalize and Optimize

Build meaningful, customized experiences for your customers, plan with accuracy and create efficiencies across operations.

  • Demand Forecasting and Prediction
  • Innovation Trends and Planning
  • Personalized Product Recommendations and Offers
  • Stock Optimization
  • Trade Spend Optimization
Kepler Screenshot: Training Preferences

Simple steps to jumpstart AI POCs and projects.


Your business challenge

Define a business challenge and use case


Your data

Choose first- and/or third-party data


The Kepler AI platform

Automate workflow and modeling iterations


Production results

Monitor and maintain results with ease

“Our global search for partners that can help us to accelerate and maximize the delivery of predictive models using AI and ML led us straight to Stradigi and Kepler. The ease of use, the 60% acceleration of the time-to-market of our predictive models, combined with the technical expertise and efficiency of Stradigi’s customer success team were the main reasons for that choice.”

Edu Neves, Co-Founder and CEO, ReclameAQUI


CPG infosheet for the Kepler platform

As market demands ebb and flow faster than ever, extracting efficiency-driving insights to better manage your supply chain and improve forecasting is paramount. Find out how the Kepler platform helps you seize opportunities, one use case at a time.

Read more from our Infosheet: CPG Brands Bridge the Gap Between Data and Revenue with The Kepler Platform.

Immediate benefits.

Food & Beverage, Non-Food & Beverage and FMCPG’s large and small find value with the Kepler AI business platform.


End-to-end ML automation

Benefit from ready-to-use, advanced, automated workflows. All you need to leverage the power of Auto ML is your data and a business challenge.


Immediate AI value

Bridge the gap between data and action to dramatically reduce time-to-market and gain ROI value. Get results in days and weeks, not months.


Multiplier effect using an AI platform

Built for business users and analysts that can realize the value they need from their data. More use cases equals more ROI value.

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