AI Solutions for Agriculture

Be at the forefront of smart farming to drive efficiency and mitigate environmental impact

A Machine-Learning platform that curtails crop waste and boosts harvest

AI-powered smart farming can have profound effects on our food supply system and the environment. Through the intervention of Artificial Intelligence, farmers can assess crop health, minimize the use of pesticides on healthy crops, and predict maintenance needs on their machinery, well in advance. Employ Machine Learning models to generate long-term benefits including increased crop yields with a low margin of waste.

Use Cases for Agriculture

Anomaly Detection of defective crops

Predictive Maintenance for industrial equipment

Image Classification to calculate yield

Automated Quality Assurance of goods

Why Stradigi AI is the right choice for your agriculture organization.

Proven Expertise

Machine Learning automated pipelines that transform state-of-the-art algorithms into revenue.

Customized Competitiveness

AI that's customized to fit your unique needs, built to perform higher than off-the-shelf solutions.

Enterprise Scalability

Intensified ROI across your entire business stack, thanks to flexible options for all business units.

Ironclad Processes

Quick integration, ongoing guidance and predictable results, and fast time to market.

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