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Unlock the value of your data with low-code AI software

Kepler is an AI and Machine Learning platform designed to accelerate the delivery of AI across your organization. By automating the complex and manual aspects of building and testing machine learning models, Kepler makes it easy to scale AI across your business.

Simplify AI and machine learning

Leverage Kepler’s Automated Data Science Workflows and remove the need for coding and machine learning experience.

Use more of your data

Use more than tabular data with Kepler as it can handle tabular, text and image.

Realize value in record time

Onboard quickly and generate data-driven insights unique to your organization and your data.

Leverage cutting edge AI innovation

Kepler is regularly updated with the latest in AI thinking and approaches.

Build and train machine learning models in 5 steps

Build a machine learning model in 5 easy steps with the Kepler AI Platform
Kepler's Automated Data Science Workflows

By role:

Leverage an extensive library of AI algorithms, and gain the ability to quickly deploy machine learning models.

Activate AI insights without the need for for advanced data science or machine learning expertise. 

Accelerate the path to AI delivery with your existing team. 

Organizations invest in Kepler to accelerate AI throughput and improve decision-making.

Customer behavior modeling

Discover what drives your customers’ behavior to better analyze and predict outcomes.

Business planning

Support decision making with predictive insights to increase confidence, accuracy and frequency.

Augmented decision making

Develop critical insights from your data to support business plans and optimize processes.

Process automation

Use AI and ML to automate processes, adding speed and precision in critical functions within your business.

Explore how you can use Kepler to gain business agility:

Manufacturing Industry

CPG Industry

Financial Services

Entertainment Industry

Online Platforms

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