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Find out where you can activate AI for maximum impact to your business

Customer behavior modeling

Discover what drives your customers’ behavior to better analyze and predict outcomes.
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Augmented decision making

Develop critical insights from your data to support business plans and optimize processes.
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Business planning

Support decision-making with predictive insights to increase confidence, accuracy and frequency.
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Process automation

Use AI and ML to automate processes, adding speed and precision in critical functions within your business.
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Customer behavior modeling

Use demographic, behavioral and other relevant data to create powerful customer behavior models that dramatically improve retention, customer lifetime value, and ad spending through accurate customer predictions and deeper insights into your customers.

Reduce customer churn

Make your churn prevention programs more efficient by accurately predicting the likelihood of churn at earlier stages.

Predict customer lifetime value

Identify customers and leads who have the highest potential value to increase revenue and optimize sales, marketing and customer intervention programs.

Personalized product recommendation

Make highly relevant recommendations based on similarities between a user’s purchase behavior and the purchase behaviors of other users.

Predict user intent

Predict the intent of users early in order to provide faster paths to desirable goals to improve conversion and customer engagement.

Customer segmentation

Categorize user characteristics and behavior in order to build unique content programs to improve marketing spend and conversion.

Sentiment analysis

Get an accurate view on perception and affinity across brand, product and customer experiences to address issues and seize opportunities faster, improve customer retention and conversion.

Augmented decision making

Add more accuracy and confidence to your decision-making processes with the assistance of the powerful analysis capabilities of AI.

Automated image

Use machine learning to automatically analyze image characteristics to accelerate the decision-making process (i.e.: medical image analysis, preventive maintenance, quality assurance, etc.).

Predict drug

Predict whether a patient will be prescribed a drug, and which drug they are most likely to be prescribed to improve demand forecasting and inform future drug development.

Predict and analyze contract duration

Understand and address driving factors in early contract termination, allowing for efficient and timely intervention programs.

Business planning

Incorporate predictive insights and data-driven intelligence into your business planning. Use AI to support planning across all functions of your business.

Accurately forecast demand

Improve demand forecasting and avoid inventory shortfalls, spoilage and excess inventory.

Interest rate prediction

Identify customers and leads who have the highest potential value to increase revenue and optimize sales, marketing and customer intervention programs.

Marketing attribution

Get accurate insights into customer conversion probability at earlier stages, and adapt your strategies to correct inefficiencies.

Process automation

Achieve higher efficiency and drive down the cost of maintenance and production errors in manufacturing processes with AI-powered automation.

Quality control

Reduce quality errors with quality control machine learning models that can be used to monitor product defects and anomalies in production cycles.

Predictive maintenance

Avoid equipment failures and drive down the cost of equipment maintenance.

Fraud detection

Detect fraud early and accurately to reduce fraud loss and false positives.

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