leAD Partners with Stradigi AI to Provide Cutting Edge AI Technology to Sports and Health Tech Startups in Lake Nona

Kepler™, Stradigi AI’s Self-service Machine Learning Platform, Empowers Early-stage Startup Founders by Removing the Complexity of Operationalizing AI

Orlando, US – July 29, 2020 – leAD Sports and Health Tech Partners have announced a partnership with Stradigi AI, a leading North American Artificial Intelligence software company, to provide startups in the leAD Lake Nona program access to cutting edge AI technology. Through this partnership, selected early-stage sports and health tech companies that are part of the program in Lake Nona, Orlando, FL will be able to use Kepler, Stradigi AI’s newly launched self-service version of its Machine Learning platform. Kepler enables users with no previous Machine Learning and Deep Learning experience to reap the benefits of business-driving AI in hundreds of real-world applications, saving research and development costs and empowering non-technical founders and business users.

“Artificial Intelligence is extremely relevant also in the world of sports & health tech. Having the right tech partner by our side can really make a huge difference for our startup founders,” said Christoph Sonnen, leAD Co-Founder and CEO, ADvantage Sports Tech Fund Partner. “We are proud to welcome Stradigi AI, an AI software powerhouse and leader in this market, as our official tech partner. This offer adds unparalleled value to our program in Lake Nona and to our portfolio companies. Ambitious founders that want to deploy AI in their solutions but lack the technical background will now have machine learning capabilities at their fingertips. leAD is centered around smart investment and business growth – we’re very excited to see founders truly accelerate their development with this outstanding platform created by Stradigi AI!”

The Kepler platform provides end-to-end automation of complex data science processes with its new Automated Data Science Workflows. The automation features allow businesses to get AI projects to market quickly and securely, solving the most pressing use cases in the market today, including customer segmentation, churn prediction, demand forecasting, predictive maintenance, fraud detection, workforce planning, pricing optimization, and more, across all business verticals. The Kepler platform was created to effectively bridge the AI talent gap and accelerate enterprise-wide adoption of AI. It integrates built-in orchestration and decision making for time-consuming, expensive, and arduous tasks that data scientists undertake throughout the process of building and deploying ML models.

“Startups gain a significant advantage by onboarding AI early.” said Basil Bouraropoulos, CEO and Co-Founder at Stradigi AI. “Our partnership with leAD means their portfolio of sports and health businesses will have access to AI and ML capabilities at the important early stages of their growth. Our Kepler platform offers startups a significant competitive edge, allowing them to better monetize their data, create richer engagements with their customers, and make better investments as they grow their businesses. The Kepler platform is designed to enable businesses of all sizes to create, test, deploy and scale their AI projects with smaller teams and a minimal learning curve, making it a great fit for leAD’s diverse roster of innovative startups.”

Stradigi AI has become one of leAD’s official technology partners with an exclusive offer for leAD’s program in Lake Nona, a smart city designed to accelerate innovation and well-being in Orlando, FL. To be eligible to benefit from this partnership offer, startups have to be accepted in the leAD Lake Nona Sports & Health Tech program. The program, which kicks off in 2020 with a virtual phase, provides startups with crucial knowledge to grow their business, extensive guidance, and mentorship, cash investment as well as access to Lake Nona’s world-class facilities and innovation ecosystem. For more information, visit leAD Lake Nona or apply directly on F6S until September 4th, 2020.


More information about the Kepler platform.

The Kepler platform combines advanced machine learning (ML) — including Deep Learning — with intuitive design, all within a self-serve framework built to help scale AI. Users can tackle high-impact use cases across multiple industries and lines of business with no ML experience required.

About leAD

leAD Sports & Health Tech Partners sources, funds, and drives growth of early-stage sports & health tech startups globally. leAD was founded in 2016 and was inspired by the legend of the sports industry Adi Dassler. Since inception, leAD has taken on new companies into its business every year. With 30 companies from around the globe under its portfolio, leAD is constantly empowering founders to create their own legacy. leAD works with groundbreaking solutions across the verticals of fan engagement, connected athletes, and health & well-being and focuses on driving growth through smart investment, premier network access, and expert training. leAD has three three investment vehicles – Academy, Portfolio, and ADvantage Fund – and commercial partnerships with Citi Private Bank, Tavistock Group, OurCrowd, and Lake Nona to further support portfolio growth.

For more information, visit www.leadsports.com

About Stradigi AI

Stradigi AI is an Artificial Intelligence software company that enables organizations to bring business-accelerating AI to fruition, quickly. Its Machine Learning (ML) platform, Kepler, alleviates the AI talent gap by empowering any type of user with access to intuitive Automated Data Science Workflows, built to generate results for pertinent use cases across the business stack, with no ML experience required. The Kepler platform allows users to extract key insights from their data to improve customer experience, grow revenue, and gain efficiencies across multiple industries including CPG, retail, manufacturing, financial services, logistics, and more.

For more information, visit saistaging.wpengine.com

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