The future of Artificial Intelligence: Building a safer, more equal world for all.

What you’ll learn in this white paper

When it comes to talking about the future of technology and artificial intelligence the difficult task is often trying to decipher what is reasonably possible in the next 5, 10 or 15 years, and where AI has its limitations… for now. Advancements are taking place at such an exponential rate in the tech space that it’s easy to fantasize about a future where everyone is flying from one place to another on personal jetpacks and cures have been discovered for all terminal illnesses. While this may be reality at some point in time, it’s hard to predict exactly when AI will change the core of our everyday lives. We’re limited in our conceptualizations of the inventions of the future, simply because they haven’t been thought of yet. But, are there logical expectations that we can draw about our AI-rich future in the next 20 years?

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As technology continues to develop at an exponential rate, artificial intelligence is continuing to disrupt across every aspect of our lives opening the doors to some incredible, life changing technology that will play an instrumental role in shaping our collective future.

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